Joe's Story

When I joined Wire Belt on work experience, I received a lovely welcome. After coming back to start my Apprenticeship, I was pleased to see that everyone remembered me, which made settling in very easy. Since I’ve completed my Apprenticeship, I am currently working my way towards a promotion to Production Engineer. This will be a proud moment for me, considering I started at the company on Work Experience!

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Arturs' Story

Sadly, I lost my role at my previous company in Latvia due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So I could improve my skills and broaden my horizons after this, I looked to find a Design Engineers role in the UK, as I have relatives living here. Wire Belt were open and understanding about my experience in Latvia and my language barrier. I felt included and part of the team from the moment I joined.

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Arturs Zverins

Stephen's Story

My day at Wire Belt generally involves a variety of different jobs. I oversee the Machine Setters, making sure they have a regular workload, plus making sure it is spread out evenly. I also carry out inspections and quality control of machine set ups and conveyor belts which are about to be shipped, to ensure we deliver the best quality possible to our customers. I also help the Machine Setters when they need assistance, as well as train any new staff in the department.

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Sophie's Story

I started my career journey working part-time at the local Chip Shop whilst I completed my education. From there, I’ve joined Wire Belt, and I have worked in a variety of roles during my time here. After completing my initial Apprenticeship, I moved into an Order Processing role, followed by transitioning into my current role as Export & Import Co-ordinator.

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Nathan Nicholson

Nathan's Story

I recently graduated from the University of Northampton, where I studied Advertising & Digital Marketing. After an enjoyable time at university, I was ready to make the leap and start my career in marketing! I joined Wire Belt in 2022 as Marketing Assistant and have received lots of guidance and training around my role already. Although I attended university, nothing quite replicates working in a real-life environment. One memory that sticks out so far was my participation in our trip to local school Westlands, for their Careers Fair! It was amazing to be invited down and try to inspire the next generation of future engineers!

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Dom's Story

In my previous role, there had been a real pressure and expectancy to work beyond my contracted hours, which was not ideal. At Wire Belt, I finish when I am meant to and also get an early finish once a week. It makes a real difference!

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Dave Edwards

Dave's Story

I’m a person who always looks to push and challenge themselves. The opportunity to take up the role of Production Development Coordinator came at the perfect time, allowing me to fulfil some life-long ambitions, both inside and outside of the workplace. During my time at the company, I have had a number of different appraisal meetings, which enabled a personal development plan to be set-up for myself. I’ve always felt that the company have pushed me to achieve my potential!

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Eleanor's Story

I started at Wire Belt as a Welder/Fabricator Apprentice and have now completed my Level 2 (Performing Engineering Operations) Apprenticeship in Welding.  I am now a fully qualified Welder/Fabricator which enables me to weld and fully assemble conveyors, as well as any other welding tasks I can assist with. My main Wire Belt memory still has to be opening the e-mail to see that I had been offered my Apprenticeship. It was such a proud moment for me and my family.

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