we are WIRE BELT

At Wire Belt, we pride ourselves on creating a happy and enjoyable environment for our employees to work in. We will always put the people that make us a success at the forefront of everything we do! We have a clear vision and mission of what we want to achieve, with a set of values we encourage our employees to work by and this enables our Wire Belt Family to work to the best of their abilities.

Fitting into our team is one of the major factors we consider when reviewing applications and interviewing potential employees.

Core Values

One of our core values is ‘fun’ and we host a number of social events throughout the year, for our employees to socialise and celebrate our hard work as one big family.

We have created bright and airy work areas, which offer a relaxed and comfortable work environment, complete with shared meeting rooms and modern kitchen and rest room facilities. These facilities enable our employees to take a relaxing break with the benefit of free tea and coffee making facilities, modern appliances, fast Wi-Fi and USB charging points

To keep our employees engaged

To keep our employees engaged in day-to-day company news and events, we have digital signage using monitors throughout the building.

We are always open to our employee’s questions, concerns or suggestions and encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion with our open-door policy. Our managers, Team Leaders and HR Department are always available!

our sustainable practices

We are constantly driving forward our commitment to sustainable technology, using it within our practices wherever possible. We take our environmental practices very seriously with procedures to reduce, reuse, remove and recycle. We continue to look for ways to cut our carbon footprint, to improve our business and to benefit our employee’s working environment. We encourage our employees to share ideas and new initiatives regarding this topic.

We are proud of our two rooftop solar panel installations where we have seen great benefits, not only by cutting costs and reducing our reliance on electricity suppliers but improving our environment.

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‘The investment in our staff facilities is part of our family ethos. We want to make the workplace somewhere staff are proud of, that they can respect, for them to feel they want to come to, and somewhere they can be comfortable and happy.’

Gary Allen, Managing Director

Help And Support

We will always do our best to make sure our employees get the help and support they need if they are struggling for any reason. We have eight mental health first aiders at Wire Belt, who are always on-hand to support them if needed. We also have a 24-hour telephone counselling service which operates 365 days of the year.